The New Role Of Telecom Operators

In the past years, the revenue of traditional voice is decreasing drastically while data is picking up; However, the compensation between the two is still far from closing. MNO’s are searching for a compensation for the lost revenue.

Several new streams of revenue are being looked upon or rolled out: M2M, IoT, the old-renewed cloud services, roaming services, among others being developed. The new streams of revenue from these services did not yet compensate for the voice revenues lost.

Flat rates, lower IDD, lower interconnection, OTT, VoLTE and several other apps, services, and market dynamics are pushing the revenue down. Subscribers are always looking for new ways of decreasing their bills. Same applies for companies (enterprise services).

At the other end of the equation, MNO’s are pushing enterprise services and outsourcing their infrastructure (consolidating also) in order to lower cost & push revenues up. The enterprise services are proving to be the new boom for the telcos especially with the new standards & services of cloud, M2M, and IoT. Partnering with ICT companies (service, platform, & software providers) is the new way of doing business among the world, especially emerging markets.

Emerging markets, especially Africa, are the testing grounds for profitability of such streams due to the cost sensitivity & lack of infrastructure. Keeping an eye on services & cases emerging in these markets are worth the effort.

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