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You should be out of Business

So I landed in Dubai and slipped my UAE SIM card into my phone. Waited for the signal but there was nothing. It has been over w year since I used this SIM card. Number has been deactivated as it seems.

Let us run to an outlet and get a SIM card. And so we ran there. Literally ran there! I needed my phone up & running & I needed my data connection. It is weird how you get hooked up to the data apparatus.

I need to take a ticket and get in the queue. Nothing new and a normal good procedure.

NO! NO! NO! There are over 50 numbers waiting before me. I cannot wait all this time! Ok, then, let us run to the other operator & buy a new SIM card. After running across the mall & being out of breath, I had a line of about 15 people to wait to be served. I waited, and my friends waited with me. Once facing the agent, he explained to me that I can buy the SIM card now but will take till tomorrow for it to be activated. WHAT! Are you for real!

Run back to the first operator, wait over 35 minutes (a lot of people got bored & left) for me to be served. “Your number has been deleted by our system sir.” A new line is the only option & so it was. I bought my new line while I was surprised of such low telecom customer experience standards. It took me over 50 minutes to get a SIM card.

What happened to Accessibility to succeed in selling any product! What happened to the KPI’s of Walk-in centers?! What happened to a customer should not wait (with one MNO 50 minutes while for the other over 12 hours).

How come that a Du & Etisalat SIM card is such a hassle to find & buy?! All my resident friends have mentioned that it is a hassle to get a SIM card or to see a CC agent. I guess TRA should look into introducing a new player to the market to have some competition & put the heat on!

OTT of Death

Don't OTT & Drive!

Don’t OTT & Drive!

Been around three countries recently (2014) in the Middle East and how people are using their handset & how countries are setting up the rules is not so promising. In Lebanon & Saudi Arabia, although there is a rule regarding using your mobile phone while driving, over 40% of drivers are using their handsets while driving, mostly typing or reading while driving. OTT has become a very hazardous enabler in these countries since the police is not fining OTT-drivers (let us call them that).

On the other hand, in UAE, what I have noticed is that people rarely use their handsets while driving, whether OTT or talking over phone. The reason: huge fines & black points on your driving license! If you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar, the police will take you to court & fine you some hefty amount of money.

OTT & mobile tech helps us make out life simpler & easier, not a tool a death! Drive carefully. Don’t OTT & drive.