How Direct-Carrier-Billing Will Help Lebanese Developers

MNO's Lebanon

MNO’s Lebanon

A click on your appstore or playstore to buy an item is something new to the Lebanese subscriber. No need to enter credit card details and to have to wait for the transaction to be executed. The two MNO’s in Lebanon has recently launched their new app stores which are based on Direct Carrier Billing (DCB).

Such a move can be used to promote and support Lebanese developers/entrepreneurs. A good portion of Lebanese do have credit cards or debit cards but buying apps (costing a dollar or two) through a credit card is a hassle. Another portion does not know how to use credit cards to do online payments or is afraid to use them online for security/fraud reasons. A third portion does not know anything about this kind of technology (mobile apps) but fancies them when seeing them on others phones.

Let us face it: Lebanese like new stuff and are always hyped about something new! Now with the DCB, they can use their credit or post-pay to buy the items they want.

The new app store with direct carrier billing will help the customers:

  • Eliminate the additional charges by credit cards
  • Open a new range of local apps
  • Make purchasing apps easier
  • More confidence in buying such apps since customer care is a free call away
  • Security issues cleared since the billing party is a Lebanese operator

On the other hand, the carriers are benefiting from:

  • A new stream of revenue
  • Strengthening their partnership ties and position
  • Social responsibility image: enabling local talent
  • Innovation by adding a new technology (at least that is what the customer thinks)
  • Diversify their portfolio (since the appstore will be perceived as network’s own)

As for the Lebanese talents, this might be a good start:

  • Ability to push their applications and feature them since the appstore won’t have hundreds of applications
  • Make money from their applications & in local direct relation with MNO
  • Test the grounds for their applications before publishing worldwide on apple or google’s app market

No matter how you look at it, the move by both operators seems to be a great move for all stakeholders.

5 thoughts on “How Direct-Carrier-Billing Will Help Lebanese Developers

  1. Samer Post author

    @fadi, the two operators are putting up these on their portals (appstores) which means they have passed their security tests. Note that even the apps on Google or Appstore are totally secure and still a lot of applications are having security issues. At least here, you can manage to complain to the MNO’s directly.

  2. Fadi S.

    All in all, its a step forward. However, if those applications are not distributed through the App Store, or Google Play; from a security and privacy standpoint, what will the carriers do to scan them for security flaws, fraud, and privacy concerns.

    Both Google and Apple established a thorough application review process, will MNO’s establish anything alike?

    I do not live in Lebanon, but that security concern alone, would divert me from installing anything from their App Store.

  3. Fadi

    Good article ! By the way microsoft is starting to use direct carrier billing in the gulf region for its products and mobile app store.


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